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Poster: b|c Date: Mar 5, 2007 2:57pm
Forum: web Subject: Ressurecting old website - but been taken over by

This is very frustrating. I'm resurrecting a website of mine that I had up for 7 years. It was down for 20 months during which time it appears it was archived by this internet archive, wayback mahhcine, whatever the heck this is. Now I have uploaded the new website to the same exact place it used to be (the domain I own) and instead of referencing to my hosting which is linked to my domain everything is linking to ""

For example all the html pages, all the pictures, all the downloadable files that are supposed to be read from my hosting which is linked to my domain yet if I do a "save-as" or "view source" or whatever I can see that all these pages and files are being overridden and referenced to and not my hosting. It's like this thing has taken over my right to my domain name and my web hosting. What the heck is this and how do I wrangle my own site back?

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Poster: gojomo Date: May 17, 2007 3:00pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Ressurecting old website - but been taken over by

Did you by any chance recover the old content from the Internet Archive before uploading it to the current server? That's the only way I can imagine your pages, from your site, having any references to

- Gordon @ IA

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Poster: Interogator Date: Mar 10, 2007 4:48am
Forum: web Subject: Re: Ressurecting old website - but been taken over by

On a related theme?

If one tries to anonymously FTP some of the links to this site, one gets a warning that it has not been archived and that it may not be the site it purports to be (a standard warning when this is done, not unique to here). When processing the login (the warning that the site may not perhaps be what it purported to be is a function of it not being archived presumably)it then threw back some Chinese characters (whilst not accepting the annonymous login). Perhaps someone else would care to have a look?

Recently, some of news footage files from a 2001 Television Archive on 11,12 and 13 september 2001 have gone missing from the sequence, and there have been some other oddities recently with respect to some of these files not displaying properly (i.e audio but no video) The system manager allegedly restored from DAT and attempted to regenerate MPEG4s (from original 1GB mpgs dated September 2006 on 2nd March), but the original source files (from which these MPEGS and flash were generated) still don't always show the video either (some of the 1GB files *were* downloadable for a while). So, the output files (MPEG4s and flash) based on these "corrupted" files didn't show video either (at least, not on *some* players).

All very odd (but perhaps with quite reasonable cockup explanations, given the system people say the servers have been physically moved recently - but from where to where on must ask) in conjunction with your remarks.

I understand that the site is 'mirrored' elsewhere in the world. All this talk of grabbing the original site and ignoring what is updated there, with the originals going offline and coming back sometime much later is all a bit worrying too.

All very intriguing, but perhaps all undertandable when one appreciates that these complex re-directions are done by complex software which often catch system administrators off-guard for days?

Or is there more too it (a dangerous imputation when one isn't privy to how the servers' software operates!). Was this below an illustration?

One of the BBC World news feed files from about 17:00 on 911, was used to create a little embarassment for the BBC in the week beginning 26th February. Many will have seen the fuss this caused.

There was, (in the fog of war) a misleading assertion by BBC news anchor that WTC7 had collapsed, seemingly 23 mins before it did at about 17:20 that day. As he linked to the NY reporter the viewer saw video footage of said BBC reporter (Jane Standley) being asked to comment on the anchor's assertion (fed from the wire no doubt) that WTC7 ("the Salomon Brothers Building") had collapsed, whilst viewers could see it standing there in the NY skyline behind her.

There was then much debate as to what was reliable, whether the footage was greenscreen, looped, or the times associated (no clock on BBC World) were fake etc etc.

This led some to look closely at the integrity of files at this site, their history, the site's security etc etc. No harm in checking of course.

All all in all, perhaps just a storm in a tea-cup, based perhaps on no more than a mistake made by the BBC in response to rumours that day that WTC7 was going to collapse (other newscasters equivocated), but as there had been some ruffled feathers in the 911 "truth" movement in the wake of a skeptical BBC programme on 18th February, there waa always the possibility that some aggreived folk decided to dig out or manufacture material to try to get back at the BBC for upsetting their campaigns (and in some cases alas, evangelical money pumps).

Your remarks, and the fact that the servers are still not allegely archived is still a bit worrying..

see also:

"Internet Archive ( [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]"

It's always best to assume cockup rather than conspiracy, as in the final analysis, we are just hairless, mouthy apes ;-)

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Poster: greg artim Date: Mar 7, 2007 9:14pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Ressurecting old website - but been taken over by

this exact same thing is happening to me at can anyone explain this?

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Poster: lexein Date: Mar 12, 2007 2:41pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Ressurecting old website - but been taken over by

Your site seems to work for me, and to be up to date.
General notes:
1. DNS changes take a while (days?) to propagate around the world.
2. It helps to put "last changed: date" at the bottom of each page.